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How Long do Amphetamines Stay In Your Urine?

Content What should you do if you have a positive meth test? What happens when you use amphetamines with other drugs? Struggling With Porn Addiction? How Long Do Drugs Remain in Your System? Saliva Testing What do hospitals use meth for? The most common method for testing for meth and other amphetamines […]

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Alcohol Tapering How to Taper Off Alcohol Safely

Content Challenges of Cutting Down on Alcohol Intake Free Support Group: Beginning a sobriety or moderation journey Why You May Need to Wean Your Alcohol Use What is Tapering Off Alcohol? Tapering off Alcohol Safely Clinical Supervisor – Primary Therapist After prolonged alcohol use, your body can come to rely […]

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Treatment Plan For Substance Abuse & Example Free PDF Download

Content Self-Awareness Worksheet Perfectionism Worksheet Contact Rockland Treatment Center What Are the Challenges of Addiction Treatment? Coaching Session Templates Counseling Assessment The evidence, although thin, thus suggests that there are sharply fewer annual employer-related referrals to treatment than the combined figure from EAPs and DSPs of up to 264,000 potential […]

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How Long Does a Drug Rehab Program Last?

Content Begin the English Mountain Recovery Admission Process Benefits of Thirty-Day Treatment Programs Residential Addiction Treatment in Tennessee Risks Associated with Quitting Drugs/Alcohol Without Rehab The Vital Role of Medical Supervision in Alcohol Detox: Your Path to a Healthier Future There is life after addiction. Most people recover This process […]

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Wet Brain and Alcoholism Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Wernicke encephalopathy usually occurs first and causes damage to the thalamus and hypothalamus, which are in the lower part of the brain. “Wet brain” is a term used to describe the chronic brain disorder, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome or Korsakoff’s psychosis. Thiamine is mostly found in the brain, kidneys, liver, and heart. […]

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