A unique love for Italian Cuisine.

Giampiero Quartararo, better known as Chef Piero, was born on the significant Mediterranean island of Sicily, a region with a strong sense of identity and rich of influences from Spain, France, and North Africa.

He has had a passion for cooking since he was a child and has assisted his mother and grandmother with everything. However, it wasn’t until after an accident in 2011 that he decided to change his life, selling his insurance company stock and investing the proceeds in Alma, The International School of Italian Culinary Arts.

In 2013, he graduated and started his professional career at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Ca’ Vittoria, in the chef’s position. He then worked his way up to the position of sous chef at Ristorante La Dacia in the province of Verona, near the wonderful Lake Garda.   

He moved to Thailand in 2016, seeking a new cultural adventure, and worked in Bangkok for six years. And it was during this big experience that he realised he adored Thailand but yearned the island life style running through his veins. He completed a path by accepting the position of Italian Chef at Prego, and begun a new one. Following the footsteps of his mentor and predecessor, Chef Marco Boscaini, he wants to ensure that his diners’ experience is top-notch from the beginning till the end.

Chef Giampiero Quartararo