Woman Applauded for not wanting to Put Fiancé on House Title Over a Prank

a now-viral blog post
, a female mentioned she changed the woman head about getting her fiancé on her home’s name after the guy pulled a “lucky pencil” prank.

The woman, u/DojaDog677, contributed her story in
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‘s “Am I The A**hole” discussion board on Thursday. It offers received over 12,000 upvotes and countless commentary from alarmed Redditors, which said she should sign a prenup before including her fiancé on the subject.

Prenuptial Agreements

A current Harris Poll announced that almost 40 percent men and women involving the many years of 18 and 34 have signed a prenuptial contract,

Brand New Yorker

. In comparison, merely 13 % of the elderly 45-54, and less than 5 percent of these 55 and above have done very, meaning prenups are becoming increasingly popular among younger people.

Jacqueline Itani, a co-employee at Stutman, Stutman & Lichtenstein, stated this can be partly because younger people, particularly millennials, get married afterwards in life.

In a now-viral post, a lady mentioned she made the decision against putting the woman fiancé on her behalf residence’s concept after he pulled a “lucky pen” prank. Many commenters backed the girl and motivated her to look into a prenuptial arrangement.


“Millennials tend to be wishing longer [than previous generations] to obtain hitched and focusing increasingly more on their expert professions,”
Itani informed Insider
. “In that sense, they’ve got a lot more possessions to guard once they do get wedded.”

She additionally revealed that more youthful everyone is “more well-informed” about prenups, and keep in mind that these agreements can protect possessions they’ven’t but obtained.

“Millennials tend to be concentrating more about constructing their profession and becoming more knowledgeable about just what assets may come of the profession…Millennials believe it’s important to shield those possessions,” Itani explained. “a lot of the prenups that you see come from individuals who come right into the marriage with assets or have possessions they expect to receive—whether that end up being an inheritance using their household or gift ideas they want to protect.”

Inside her post, u/DojaDog677 explained that she inherited her residence from the woman mother, and that’s why a lot of commenters have promoted her to sign a prenup before putting the woman fiancé’s name about concept.


In her own post, u/DojaDog677 said the lady fiancé just about pressured her into putting his title throughout the title.

“The house is actually my personal name plus it got countless chatting and convincing from him for their title regarding concept aswell. Frankly, element of myself does not consider this is an excellent idea, at least not now…[but] I decided to go forward and put his title in the name so the guy [can] begin adding towards the home loan,” she published.

After making a number of telephone calls, she and her fiancé finally picked a date to sign the deed, but circumstances rapidly got a change for worst throughout their visit.

“if it had been time in my situation to sign the deed, My personal fiancé ended me personally and gave me a pen claiming [it] was their ‘lucky’ pen…we took it and attempted to sign but turned out it actually was vacant,” she had written.

Her fiancé pulled around a second pen then a third, nevertheless they had been all vacant.

“My fiancé began cackling and I also believed humiliated specially with the way the guy alongside him was staring. I got pissed and requested him exactly what that was when it comes to in which he mentioned it had been a prank. I asked, ‘truly? Do you really think this was a period for pranks?'” she recalled.

“I pushed the paper out and said, ‘You know what? Never ever mind because I no more want you on deed,'” she proceeded.

She after that mentioned the girl fiancé lost it, stating she “cannot straight back out” of the arrangement and “all [she] had to carry out ended up being sign the damn report and obtain it over with.” She mentioned he’s today refusing to speak to the girl until she signs the deed.

Redditors Respond

Commenters stated u/DojaDog677 was actually right to not ever place the woman fiancé from the residence name and begged this lady to signal a prenup before also contemplating signing the action.

“the man you’re seeing is coercing you into gifting him your own inheritance. Just how much could be the home loan? What’s the residence really worth?” u/nuancedthinking asked. “create a prenup that shields you both. You retain what you had in advance of marriage. It is that facile.”

“NTA [not the a**hole]. It is a blessing in disguise. He shouldn’t being from the deed to start with. If [you] choose you still need marry this fool, get a prenup lady,” u/amb123abc published.

Redditor u/BakeCakeandDecorate added: “NTA should this be how he responds for this just imagine just how he’s going to respond as time goes by. In the event you find yourself including him, get a prenup to safeguard yourself.”

has now reached over to u/DojaDog677 for review.

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