Is Gk2gk down for everyone or just me? Check status for gk2gk com now!

This section contains ten profiles that have the best rating. The community chose these people as the most popular, attractive, and entertaining. It’s complicated to notice you among thousands of accounts, even with the help of search. So think up something unique that will grab other members’ attention.

  • Furthermore, actually charming for me personally to-break the snow and speak to individuals from any nation I enjoy.
  • My good friend likes online dating sites, and I’ve just enrolled with the website for enjoyment.
  • A blocked person can’t send you messages, contact you, and a blocked person won’t be able to see your profile.

Bots message you and you have to pay a fee to read their messages which say literally nothing. There are almost no members, and the layout is confusing. I am currently messaging the admin back and forth to complain and they are completely unhelpful. Pretty low tech for a “geek” dating site but easy to use. I met someone in the first month that I clicked with and 3 yrs later we are still very much in love. I gave up on Gk2Gk having been on it for 2 years using the Free version, was not going to pay for a site before reed about gk2gk reed about testing it. In that 2 years, there were no new matches and always the same group.

Poor Customer Service

Gk2gk online dating site is one of the first dating sites for nerds. Many geek to geek dating reviews guarantee you that this is an online dating site for every kind of relationships. Our website has extensive information about various products and dating services. All the reviews, testimonials, and comparisons are compiled based on personal experience, opinion, experience, and preference. Though our company does not sell anything, we intend to provide information to help consumers make better and informed decisions.

How can you start with Gk2gk dating?

The owner is a whole life nerd who passed through an ugly divorce, and he decided to do something about his geek love life. It isn’t an entirely free online dating site to use. Neither profile pictures neither detailed users ‘information can buy and guarantee your safety. The period of your premium membership will define the price you have to pay. However, if you want to upgrade your profile, place it on the top of the list, and become the most wanted nerd, you can always become a premium user at a very low price. And, that’s how, unconsciously, you’ve already started with Gk2gk dating, and that’s the best part of it.

The price alone says something about the service in that they normally charge almost $40 per month.. At that price point, someone is going to file a complaint , but $9 keeps it “under the radar”. Maybe i am wrong, but i trust my feelings on this and all of the other reviews back up that feeling. Almost 100 percent of the Geek2Geek Reviews are one star. Customers note problems with the site functionality, customer service, fake profiles, inactive profiles, and low response rate.

We was able to see those who want similar facts and see simple wish to keep free, without dedication, guarantees, and all this other hooey. An additional fantastic thing would be that there I’ve achieved some bi-curious people. I adore performance of site since it’s rather adequate for preliminary connection. Perhaps, someone desires a lot more incentives, but also in my personal opinion, you should get a date if you need detailed discussion.

For a certain thing, in case you’re searching for a nerd, you’ll need to filter through huge amounts of profiles on different sites before you discover any. Geek2Geek is an exclusive matchmaking platform for the nerds. A recent survey states that around 28 % of the whole network found the application so helpful that their relationship ended up in marriage. It also serves as the best place to find geeky friends and expand the circle.

Nowadays, I get standard games, and many ones tends to be valid. Several of all of them comprise as well distant from my own urban area, but I’m certainly not disappointed.

So by the time I got down the first page I was already seeing profiles that were 3+years old of them not signing on. So maybe a total of 8 people have signed on in the last 3 years and kept there profile on without deleting it. Since the gold membership is 80% off I will hope some people will sign otherwise this site is terrible and just stealing people’s money. Geek2Geek, also called geek to geek or Gk2Gk, was founded in 2004 and is currently headquartered out of Miami, Florida. Geek2Geek is a dating site for nobody other than geeks, dorks, or nerds! Fortunately, niches like Star Wars have an extensive fan base, meaning Geek2Geek could potentially have a lot of members compared to other niche sites. We have found that the geek dating site currently has upwards of about 200,000 member profiles.